So I got to recently cook for the one and only Young M.A. So I had to make something out of the box for her. We all know I’m the king of WAFFLES so what do I do? Make a waffle like no other. My thought process kind went like this…

  1. Everyone loves waffles.
  2. She loves sea food.
  3. I should combine the two and make them red!
  4. Cheetos are definitely going on these

Yep I created SEAFOOD mac n cheese WAFFLES, with a white Cheeto cheese sauce. I also created LOBSTER cakes and found out how to make her Grandmothers Cabbage. The experience was great for me because I got to put a smile on her face and make her happy!

I ended up calling them the Red LYFE WAFFLES. It was only fitting considering she says it all the time 👌🏾!


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