$1000 for uncooked gold wings?

I was all for it because I thought about it after I saw an episode of 2 Chainz “Most Expensivest Shit!” So Jonathan from the Kardashians aka @foodgod has collared with a restaurant in New York, lay me rephrase that Manhattan New York to create Gold Wings! Then this happened…

The internet is a deadly place! One slip and you could fall from grace. I just can’t be a chef and not say nothing. If your gonna sell wings for $1,000.00 I think they need to be fully done. But I’m more pissed at Food Insider for letting these images come out and not redo the whole thing. I know what happened the kitchen was under pressure to cook them. They rushed them and they came out undercooked. Well so much for me coming to New York to try those! Most expensive burger you’re still number 1āœ”ļø Are you still going to try these wings?

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