Sweet Ginger Salmon Tacos

I’m all for taco’s and love to eat them. I’m not a big salmon fan until I figured out how to make them better. I made this sweet ginger sauce. Then the game changed once the Salmon marinated in the sauce for two hours it was game on. All on a corn 🌽 shell that I grilled in a pan. On a side note if you don’t grill your tortilla shells I think you are missing out. Simply because the flavor is way better. I added red cabbage and small diced peppers and onion blend. With a cucumber sauce and of course TRUFF hot sauce. πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ but for this recipe your gonna have to wait on the cook book but you can enjoy the pics tho lol!

How could I forget the cilantro yams! Man there are two things you’ll have to wait to find out how to make. Enjoy!

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