Mia EATZ Pretty Damn Good

If you don’t know who Mia Khalifa is you def live under a rock or haven’t played with yourself before. Yeah she def has been one of the internets most poplar woman to to beat off to for a while now.

But that’s not what we are getting into today. She is a host on Complex’s show “Out of Bounce” a sports show with former NBA star Gilbert Arenas, Pierce Simpson, and Adam Caparell.

For the most part I like to watch Gil spazz on some of the topics and see what sneakers Mia will have on because who doesn’t like a chick who has great taste in sneakers.

Mia sounds like the perfect girl to bring home to mom. She got her own, she likes sneakers, and she is a sports fan! But the icing on top of the cake is the fact that she eats and when I say she eats she eats.

I’ve seen some of her stories on Instagram and Snapchat and it’s been extreme mouth watering Porn! For your mouth! Ok ok! It doesn’t sound good either way but the food that she eats looks amazing. Especially when she’s in Austin TX…

Tell me that doesn’t look good! If she isn’t a girl you’d date she better be on your list of best friends cause any girl that can eat is a definitely someone I’d like to have around lol! Make sure you check her out on “Out Of Bounce” when ever they re-air this year… In the meant time checkout the past episodes: Out of Bounce Past Episodes

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