I’m not big on Jordan 1’s like most of my friends but I left Nashville on a mission! I was determined to grab these Rust Pink colored Jordan 1s that came out Basel weekend.

It all began on the road from Nashville to Miami. My friend Steve Mannchyld and I were on the phone half the ride coming up scenarios on where they would be released at. The first location got shut down because I noticed that

Frank Cooker had posted the location on his page and no one was reporting it. But that was short lived when 300 people showed up after they said you couldn’t camp out. Smdh! People just love ruining a good thing. Anyway the drive continued… I got to my crib in Florida about 7:30 and got all of that 30 minutes of sleep as I kept waking myself up to call Steve to start this hunt. We ended up at the Standard hotel at 8:45 am with all the Nike executives and anyone else you could think of that was endorsed by Nike. There were a lot of faces looking as to how we knew they were all staying there but definitely not the right spot. We end up leaving head towards Bay Side and the new location pops up on Instagram

I never saw it officially but one of our boys who was with us all morning did and called Steve and told us. But this is where me and Steve had to part ways. He has to meet his girl at bayside because he uber shared and couldn’t change her location to get two pairs of the sneakers. So I let him out on Biscayne and was on a Fast N Furious race cutting off a bus by driving up the side of the road and booking it across the bridge for that number 48 spot in line. For my guaranteed victory!

I get to the location by the marina and as I walking to the gate our boy who tipped us on the location was pulling up. Here’s a recap below⏬

At the end of the day it was all worth it I got my shoes and a great story to tell! I mean how many times in your life can you say you saw a yacht full of Jordan’s.

What your favorite Sneaker victory story!

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