Desert Rat Available Now For $760

Well the wait is over! You can now get the well anticipated “Desert Rats” for a whopping 760$.

Yeah I said it 760$ but it includes the full outfit that Kim is wearing and they come in Moon 🌙 Yellow. Deal? Or no Deal?

Is this shoe really worth the fit. Or is the fit so Un-likely to sell that they are putting it out now to boost sales and anticipation with the shoes?

Everyone knows Kanye’s shoes are way better than his clothes, I’m just trying to see how many more lawsuits he’s going to go through before he just focuses on the shoes only. To be quite honest he is the only one slacking in the clothing department out of all his boys. Look at Off-White (Even though I can’t stand it.), and Just Don. The Yeezy department can’t compare in my opinion to his childhood friends. We’ll see what happens though… I think the strategy is dope but how many people are will to pay an extra 560 for those kicks right now and they won’t get them till spring… Questionable.

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