Many can say what they want about John but one thing you can’t say is that he’s not motivated. He is definitely one of the most influential people of this sneaker culture. Weather you think he steels designs or not. To me no one does still or barrow something to make it to the top.

You know the saying “Good artist copy, great artist steal”. But people fail to realize that if you take something and make it your that isn’t stealing. Got driven by the same concept and made it your own version of it. Regardless John is a motivating force in this culture. One of the thing that stuck out to me in this interview which is that money doesn’t motivate him.

Which I think in making anything it shouldn’t, you should do things because you love it not because of how much money you are going to receive from it. When you focus mostly on that and that alone it takes away from the art, and that makes you lose momentum when you are at the peak of your craft.

For me though I respect Geiger and what he has done. Their have been speculation on his design about the 001’s but in my eyes if you didn’t capitalize on your design don’t get mad that someone has the same idea and makes it better. In being creative and being new your going to run into those types of problems all the time. You just make sure you keep staying focused on you and keep making your product better and better. Anyway go watch the interview on YouTube it’s a good watch. The New Wave Podcast

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