Diet Starts Monday

Now this hits home for me… When I was in culinary school I came up with this exact concept, and my teacher even said he was surprised no one did yet! Crazy! How if you sit on things you can waist them. Anyway John Geiger

 and his pals came up with a brand named “Diet Starts Monday” which had its first pop-up and opening on Monday so congrats on that. I had been hearing about it for so long I’m happy that it finally came to pass. 

They even ended up getting a two peices from one of my favorite artists from this era Narturel. Who is going to explain the stores concept and meaning a little more in this video.

That’s a sick ass concept right?! Anyway what sparked my attention most about the brand, after I heard about the concept was of course the food. On the menu they have what the call the “Navy Yardbird”!

 Created by @chefredbeard_ is two glazed doughnuts, a fried chicken breast, slaw, with fries to top it off! 

What a mouth full… Just talking about it reminds me of that episode of Boondocks where pops created The Luther Burger, but in a good way. It looks absolutely amazing. If more hip trends and concepts combing food, drinking, and retail keep happing this is going to be an exciting few years for the culture. 

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