Celeb eATZ: Ben Baller

Now this is a plate worthy of none other than Ben Baller. You may know him in the industry for making some of the most craziest and insane jewelry pieces, for some of your favorite celebrities like this one he just did for Lil Uzi Vert. ​​​​ 


Yeah he really made $220,000 necklace with Marilyn Manson on it! 


Its 100 carat VS diamonds in it and is top 3 in Bens book of chains he’s made! 


But enough about that let’s get down to what he ate! Now according to Ben he hates San Jose but his feelings changed once it came to dinner. Take a look at the videos he posted on IG! ​​

Now if the appetizers didn’t get you then main corse should have. Whatever Resturaunt he was at he ate like a king! 

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