MANNCHYLD BROWNIES SHHHH! It’s a secret! (So why are you writing it?)

My friend and co host on the BLCK SHEEP RADIO SHOW Steve Mannchyld is one the best Magic brownie makers I know. Maybe even the world so I had to ask him how he does it? His reply…
“I mean its simple…. pour water in a pot, put a half stick of butter in a mason jar. Put 2 grams of buds in the same mason jar. Cover with cheese cloth. Simmer for 2 hours. Drain butter through cheese cloth. Put butter in fridge over night. Put butter in brownies etc etc etc… The more butter, the more weed. Oh and throw out the weed after the butter has been drained through the cheese cloth. You don’t have to use the mason jar method. It’s just easier and cleaner. Other wise you’d just mix the butter and the weed in a pan and simmer for 2 hours. No water though.”

And…! That folks is how you make Mannchyld Brownies but I got a feeling he’s holding out on some special ingredient. Because his are amazing! 

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