The Worlds Largest Curry Wing 😵

Ok so I don’t know if it’s an actual fact that it’s the worlds largest Curry Wing but it’s pretty damn big! From the moment I walked into the meat department at the market and saw it, it had to be done. Didn’t help that it was $0.99 a pound either! 

At first I was thinking something crazy like mango sauce or something, then a light bulb 💡 hit me! Hmmmm? Haven’t had curry in a while and it would last at least a week. I jumped on it! Funny thing is I did it to be an asshole really. Number 1 I’m low on cash cause I’m fixing my car and number 2 I can’t stand going to BBQ and getting one plate of food. Oh I forgot to mention that’s why we were at the market in the first place. So the next time you go to a BBQ and somone tells you to bring food bring 1 Wing like me. Now I knew this Wing would need more than it’s average seasoning. I ended up using a Jamaican Chicken Seasoning, Cajun Seasoning, and Black Pepper. 

This is before I even put the Curry on the wing. I let it slow roast for at least an hour and a half before I through any Curry on. After it cooked for that long I rubbed Curry on every crevice of this monstrosity of a Wing! And through it back on the grill for another hour and half. 

By the time it got done I wasn’t even hungry anymore because I had been snacking on everyone else’s food. As I waited on this thing to get done not to mention I was cooking other things as well. When I got home I plated it sucked up my pride enough to take a bite, just to savor my creations goodness. 

Best damn Curry Wing I’ve ever had and I’m not being bias. There was so much flavor in that one bite I felt like smeagol holding it like it was my precious. Now I figured out my new diet I’m just gonna eat giant wings and workout! Summer time body here I come! 

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