FOOD FILES: The Case Of The McDonald’s Fries 🍟

The Facebook Killer ended up dead today! After murdering a man and posting it on Facebook live. 

 Then it all came to an end in a Mc Donald’s drive-thru. Apparently he got hungry and decided to get food while being on the run. But what he wasn’t expecting was the wait on his french fries. Now lets not downplay the situation. He got caught up waiting on America’s number 1 fries!

 We all know McDonald’s fries are crack. Just the smell of them makes you want I really see why what happened next happened. 

The workers recognized him and held his fries until authorities arrived. Then when he fled he ended up offing or in lack of better words killing himself. What I don’t understand is how he thought he no one would recognize him after he has been retweeted and reposted nationally. Oh well I guess he never thought his death would be the fries. 

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