What Did You Eat For Easter 🐣 

Normally on Easter is a church filled day of pastel spring colors. Kids hunting down eggs getting muddy and ruining their new outfit, and of course you can’t forget the different food. For me this year there were no eggs and no marshmallow chick πŸ₯ shaped candy either. Instead my boys and I put in together and made a different type of Easter meal. We decided on seafood and rice. My boy Baby Boy is the man when it comes to making salmon, since he works at Magic Soul Food it was only right he take care of the protein. I decided on a king crab medly rice including corn, and fresh leeks. So for starters 

  1. Strain a can of corn.
  2. Chop leeks (what ever way you feel comfortable.)
  3. Shred crab.
  4. Place in pan with table spoon of olive oil.
  5. Combine corn and leeks stir in container.
  6. Heat pan with olive oil.
  7. Drop crab in pan and cook for 2mins with season salt and black pepper.
  8. Drop corn and leaks in pan with crab stir and let cook for two minutes before adding rice. (Taste and add extra seasoning if needed)
  9. Add rice for your final step stir with rest of ingredients only for a minute minute and half don’t burn the rice.

Now I can’t give the recipe on Baby Boys famous salmon all I know is that it was, glazed with a teriyaki sauce. When paired with the rice was a combination like no other. 

Sometimes it’s better to tag team a meal than cook alone.

 What you eat this past holiday with your family?

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