Jeweled AF1 A Makeover

Now for the last two year Nike Lab came on the scene and put out a premium version of the classic Air Force One. Which is one of my favorite shoes well being an 80s baby that is to be expected. The rule was as a kid you had to have fresh white forces in the spring and summer. No body wanted the black ones until after I graduated, and if you wore mids you wanted to stand out. Every place is different but that’s just how it was where I grew up. So now the team over at Nike Lab took the Air Force One to the next level and making a high quality material version. Which was came out in multiple colors the past year this years version took on a pastel color approach. But what stands out for me is the Jeweled Nike Swoosh on the side of the shoe. 

It gave me a flash back because the very first pair of Air Force Ones I got were the Jeweled mids with the yell swoosh. I remember I was in 6th grade when they came out and I saved up half the money to get them. Cuz the rule was if you have half the money I could get the shoes.

 Anyway the Jeweled Nike Labs that dropped this weekend came out in different colors but were pastel based just in time for Easter Sunday.

 To better explain these high end gems here’s @upscalevandal 

I’ve come to the realization that if you ever need a detailed look of some heat. Just watch @upscalevandal’s instasnap. He it’s dope and informational. Which version of the Nike Lab Air Force Ones do you like? 

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