Now this is chefing at its best! Now I’m not into gastronomy cooking it’s fun but it’s just not my thing. What is it you ask? Well it’s combining science and food. Some dishes that are made include chemical combinations that make things taste like different flavors of food and other times it’s inflating foods like a balloon made of mozzarella. There are hundreds of different ways to explain what happens with gastronomy but prefer to keep it simple. Any way on the “Iron Chef Gauntlet” on Food Network one of the contestants created a mozzarella balloon. 
It was so amazing to me I had to figure out how to do it and here it is Mozzarella Balloon.  Check it out and try to make from home.  But if your now busy this weekend on EASTER Sunday check out the Iron Chef Gauntlet on the Food Network 9/8 C. 

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