Now I’m all up for a late night snack, especially after a long night of partying you need something to soke up that liquor. I was late on the Waffle House bandwagon considering being from Detroit we had Coney Island.

 I went a long with my cousins one night and ate Waffle House and I was content the first time because I was starving. I went again with my boy Korn months after, and again with my cousins and then a fight broke out or should I say broke the store and we ended up at IHOP. Then I went another time with my girl in Nashville. After going a number of times and ordering the waffles because that’s what they are known for, I asked myself “What is so damn great about these waffles?” 

I mean think about it for a second… If you go anywhere else and order a Waffle (Pause) you get a crisp hard Waffle. But when you go to Waffle House their waffles are soggy and damn near a pancake.

 Or if I really want to get technical they are like taking an Eggo Waffle out of the freezer, putting it in the toaster, for two minutes, and  pushing the button so they pop up! Same exact thing! So why do people think it is so good? Is it the price? This is just one mystery I guess will stay unsolved. If someone can give me an answer I would appreciate it.

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