I’m all for different types of burgers and stepping outside the box. But never in a million years of my cooking career would I think of creating a burger with an avocado bun! It’s genius if you are an avo fan and it’s easy to make. 
All you need are these simple ingredients 

1. Ground Beef to turn into a patty.

2. An avocado 

3. Onion

4. Tomato (Now! Me I would skip this step all together Sco don’t do tomatoes.) 

5. Eggs

6. Flour

6. Bread Crumbs

Now follow these steps as the video shows them. And you will end up with a great meal. 
Oh don’t forget the sesame seeds to make the burger bun look authentic and you can’t have a real burger with out a crisp piece of lettuce and a slice of melted cheese. Well you can but it’s was in the video so why not follow all the steps. Or go crazy and make something a little different! For more of great stuff like this look on their Instagram page @foodsteez

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