I’ve been to a number of diners in my lifetime never one like this. Floors on floors on floors. So I guess “The Diner” in Nashville on 3rd Ave is a multi level floor eating emporium. I didn’t get to see their fool menu because it was 2am by the time I got their. But they have great oysters for starters and that’s always a plus when they are on the menu.

 My girl ended up ordering the spinach and artichoke dip with chips. We both got shrimp rolls and an order of bang bang shrimp. I’m big on how my shrimp 🍀 is prepared I like the batter to leave a nice shell around it. These were breaded almost like the boxed kind at Long John Silver’s, but the sauce made me forget all about that! I had abosolutely no complaints about the shrimp roll what so ever. It was excellent! 

 Now most diners never serve things like this. But only in Nashville would you get all these treats in a place called “The Diner”. Mark it on you list of places to dine on your next trip. Not to mention it’s not that expensive for both of us it only costed us $50 with all that food. 


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