Agenda Las Vegas: Corey Shapiro Interview 

While in Agenda it is only right that you roll in good company. Every time I’m at Agenda I have to see the man, the myth, the legend Corey Shapiro! The owner of vintage frames and Notorious barbershop. Corey is known for being a flashy guy so it was only right that ask him a few questions. 

How did you get started I. Vintage frames? 
I found that there’s a niche that wasn’t being explored and I found that basically glasses weren’t fun again. And in like the 70s and 80s glasses were fun they became like a personality and I felt like it was cool place to do things cuz I’m a bit of a ridiculous dude. 

What are your views on personal style?

Like my own personal style? 
Yeah your personal style.
I feel like there are to many companies that take to many references from to many things and not enough designers. You know I’m a big camouflage dude since a little boy. 

I peep the boots
I go and I shop at Dicks Sporting Goods, Canadian Tire, why would I spend 2 grand on vet maul camo which is basically a bootleg camo when I can go get the real shit for 25 buck.
When I look at you and what you do I see you as a stylist of the lenses how do you put the frames to the person? 

We fit people to there personalities the more ostentatious the more ostentatious the frames. It’s an interesting way to do it because we never never fit glasses to the face. People can step behind the lens of something and be something that wanna be verse something that they are and that’s a big thing because it ads another layer of confidence to a lot of people. 
If someone is getting ready for an event what would be your advice to them?
Just to be themselves it’s very important to be themselves all these people want to be someone else or someone else that they’ve seen and there’s nothing fashionable about that! They’ve just payed attention. 
I’m gonna go into the food questions because we gotta ask food questions what does Corey Shapiro love to eat? 
You and mayor and the sushi thing! 
Mayor I put Mayor on to the sushi thing!
That’s a fact you put him on to sushi?
Yup! Pretty much!
So do you try to keep it healthy or do you kinda eat what you want?
You said sushi is your go to food. So… With that being said! If you had $500 food budget where would you go to eat? 
New York Sushi Co. that’s point blank and it’s more than $500.

The last question is what would be your guidelines to agenda? 
ACTUALLY HAVE AN AGENDA AT AGENDA! Don’t just be one of these people tryna hang out.  

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