Agenda Las Vegas: Mayor Interview 

This week I was at Agenda in Las Vegas and I caught up with The Godfather of Sneakers Mayor! Here’s how it went…

You are a king amongst the sneaker community how long you been the game?

Now I’m gonna tell you how old I am that sucks… Na na! I’ve been in the game for over 30 years
How many sneakers do you own?
I stopped counting at 3000! But I’m gonna say about 3600 if I had to guess.

Is it hard to preserve all those shoes? 
I don’t try to persevere them I try to wear them every chance that I get. I don’t like preserving! I don’t collect sneakers I wear sneakers. You collect art you collect stamps you don’t collect sneakers. 
What is your grail out of all time?
I don’t believe in grails my favorite sneaker ever is linen atmosphere Air Force 1 from 2001. That’s my favorite sneaker ever. 

Mayors favorite shoe.

Do you think peoples love for sneakers will ever die? 
No! I think as we keep going and old our old asses keep dying the young ones keep loving sneakers more. 
Now at Sneaks-N-Eatz we have to ask a question about food… So what do you like to eat on a daily basis? 

I got a new found love for sushi! I never used to eat sushi in my life! now! I’m a sushi sashimi nut! Right Now! Which is crazy! I catch myself at Sushi Samba, and Nobu, or Sushi of Gari every chance I get now. Which is crazy!
What is your go to food on the go? 
On the go… uhhhh… chocolate covered almonds.
Do you like to indulge in fast food? Cuz according to your snap you be on health tip. I’ve watched your Snap!
I’ve come a long way losing 111 pounds in almost 3 years. 
Congrats to that!
Thank you! 

But I like to sit down and eat I’m a chicken parm guy myself. I like to eat chicken parm lightly breaded with some salad on the side. I like to sit down and eat.

Pic taken by Kevin Wong

If you had a good budget of $500 where would you go and what would you eat? 
$500 food budget I’d go to Nobu but I’d have to go by myself. It would all be sashimi so yellow tail, some salmon, some tuna, maybe uhhh that’s probably it right there.
Last question so what would be your guideline to agenda? If someone was coming here for the first time what would you tell them to do? 
Wear some comfortable ass sneakers cuz your gonna walk about five miles in here! 
One of the most humble and coolest guys I’ve ever met. To see and here more of Mayor make sure you follow him on Instagram @_mayor_ 

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