Fat Joe’s Rosé 6’s

Fat Joe started the year off in the right direction. With a having a number one songs in the country with Remy Ma to and opening his passion project Up NYC. Now he has a new album with Remy “Plato Oplomo” a must get! I’m listening to it on the plane to Vegas as we speak! Enough about the music though! We all know that Fat Joe is an all around sneaker addict and enthusiast. Stemming from back when I was even a kid. I aspired to have an AF1 collection just like his. Then he drops a bomb on me this weekend with these Rosé colored 6s 

and he instantly turned into my enemy. Lol! What! It’s just sneaker envy at least that’s what I call it. Now I was impressed with Derrick Jones Jr.’s shoe choice this weekend but Fat Joe stole the show! The bomber jacket he had on was fire but when you look down that was the whole performance for me. 

They first were seen in the hand of Macklemore (look up true spelling) now Joe. I think Jordan likes to play with our emotions. The fact is that if these are set to release this year they will be the most popular shoe that releases all year in my eyes. It’s the suede that does it for me with that iced bottom ahhhhhh sweet music. 

Just know that if they do get dropped this year get read to come out of a your pocket. My guess is another $400 ticket. How do you feel about Fat Joe’s 6s? 

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