The Moment The Worlds 🌎 Been Waiting For!

This week Kanye finally released what is yet to come from the Yeezy franchise. 

His Yeezy Season 5 fashion show took the Internet and world by storm yesterday. With some saying it was the best show out of all of them. SHIDDD! Some people even put on their best for the show. 
I personally am in agreeance with them as well I think the set up of the show from what I saw was amazing. The strategy of how the models entered and exited was well planed and synchronized. It was almost like watching two flocks of birds crossing paths in the sky.

 Or better yet like a freeway is suppose to look when crossing. I wasn’t a fan of some of the models this time. There were a few that just had the whatever look on the face or didn’t quite fit the bill in my book. But Kanye being the creator it is more than likely what he was looking for. The one model on everyone’s mind though was Amina Blue.

 Who once again took the show by storm, but she did have an opposer this year and it wasn’t a person. The hype around the show was the glimpses of the new Yeezy runners. For months I thought they were a pair of Raf’s until I got word they weren’t. Then a day before the show on Valentine’s Day Kanye was seen in an all white pair, 

and finally he let the world know that it was officially the yeezy runner by unleashing them in the Yeezy Season 5 show.


Another boot also was previewed in the show as well. Along with the runner that is on sale now and is $200 cheaper than the one released last season. It has a different sole as well. I wish I could have actually been in attendance for the show. The invitations were even dope but I must say I am not a fan of overly wrinkled clothes. 


Since Kanye has a militant theme behind his clothes the invite comes with a look book and sweat shirt that says the “LOST HILLS” on both the front of the shirt as well as the sleeves. That comes in a vacuum sealed plastic bag so that’s where all the wrinkles are from. Now that the show is over I’ll give a look at the full collection shown yesterday! Thank me later and enjoy 😊 

​​​​​​​​​​This seasons quality overall was the best by far. It looks worth the money they charge for it. Mostly because of the Adidas factor in my eye. The denim is what I’m proud of the most it’s that good thick demim from the early 90s. I’m still not taken away by the Calabasas theme but it may grow on me later. Overall I’m proud of Ye this year it was an excellent show!

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