A List of 9 Healthy Fast Food Resturants… Eating Healthy Just got easier on the run 

According to “Business Insider” there are 9 resturants that are making waves in the fast food department . This is huge for the person on the go trying to keep it together. So here is the list!
1. Esta

People get to put in their order from the their iPad and pick food from automated cubbieholes and get their favorite vegetarian meals.

2. Dig Inn

A farm to table eatery that only gets sourced by locally for vegetables and meats

3. The Kitchen 

A restaurant that you grab and go for only $5! It’s in a park and they serve soup salad and sandwiches for mostly $4.95.

4. Freshii

I’ve actually eaten at the One in wynwood. It’s Canadian but one of America’s most pop healthy fast food restaurants with over 300 locations worldwide.

5. Everytable

A chain that changes its food prices based on the income of the neighborhood it’s in. It gets its food from local purveyors and offers salad bowls for less than $4.50.

6. Locol 

A restaurant where everything on the menu cost $6 or less. The food served has more calories than their salad, but the food is sourced by local high quality ingredients. So it’s still better for you than your normal fast food.

7. Salad and Go

A drive thru salad chain restaurant.

8. Lyfe Kitchen 

Oprah’s ex-personal chef opened this chain with a menu that has item with less than 600 calories and 1000 mg of sodium. 

9. Veggie Grill 

 A vegan chain that says it’s burgers are better than the Big Mac. I don’t know that Mac sauce is pretty good!
Take a look at this list and try to find one of these healthy restaurant choices in your city. Now you can eat healthy on the go! 

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