Super Bowl Weekend with JJ Wilcox 

Footwear and nutrition is always an important factor when you are an athlete, especially when you are a cornerback in the NFL. This weekend I got to cook and hang out with Dallas Cowboys Safety JJ Wilcox and his fam for the Super Bowl and I asked him a few questions. 

Being a NFL player what do you look for in a comfortable shoe? 
A lot of support, lightness lightness plays a factor in it helps me move.
What are your all time favorite sneakers?
I’m a jordan man! I’m gonna have to go with Flu Games and the Space Jams
If you had to choose between Jordan’s and Yeezy’s which one would you choose?

Well we already know the answer to that…
You already know where I’m going. I’m jumpman upped now! 

Would you ever wear the yeezy cleats on the field? 

Nah I feel like that’s to… That shit excuse my language is more off the field. On the field I gotta put in work. I’m not a big fashion guy anyways.

Even with the technology you think it’s still to much?
Nah man! Yeezy’s ain’t made for that!
Where do you go to get your kicks? 
Nike elite
Here at Sneaks-N-Eatz we focus on sneakers and food so we have to ask you about what you love to eat. So what do you like to eat during the season? 
I’m a health dude… I try to stay healthy I eat a lot of lean meat, lean fish and shrimp, I try to watch my weight and eat clean as much as possible.
What is your favorite food when not on the field?
A nice Chinese place… You know fried rice and shrimp with sesame chicken. 
How many meals a day would do you eat a day to stay in shape during the season? 

A good 3 or 3 and a 1/2.
If you had a 500$ food budget at restaurant where would you spend it? 
Houston’s I like Houston’s and I would get a nice fillet probably the biggest fillet you got. 
If you were ever interested in opening a restaurant where would open it and what would be the main cuisine you would serve?
I’d open mine up somewhere like LA. Put like a soul food name to it. A nice southern feel to it you know down Southern something, you know take it to the hood on them.

We all know how this weekend went after that… Patriot Victory! Not to rub it in or anything, I always enjoy cooking for JJ it’s never a dull momoment. Not to mention they always test my creative ability to the fullest, which keeps me on my p’s and q’s. I had fun this weekend! 
Now here is the aftermath…

See what I mean about p’s and q’s lol! Gotta stay ready just like on the field.

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