Pasta 🍝 isn’t Evil 😈

Everyone loves pasta! There is nothing like spaghetti and meatballs or chicken alfredo for dinner. But! When your trying to lose weight it is evil. Well that is actually a mith, studies have now proven otherwise actually. 

23,000 people were tested and analyzed in Pozzilli, Italy based on their eating habits by the Department of Epidemiology at the Institute for Research. The researchers found that the consumption of pasta actually ruduced obesity and a decrease in BMI. This test also was done in an area where pasta is apart of Mediterranean diets. If this test was done in the United States I don’t know if this would prove to have the same results. Not to mention the food over there is way more fresh and less processed than in the US. 


But if you want to keep eating pasta and see if it helps with your New Years resolution or life change. Be advised to keep eating in moderation. Don’t go overboard people!

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