John Geiger 001

If you make good products in the sneaker world you are always on everyone’s mind. One name that people know when it comes to kicks it’s John Geiger. 

You may know him from another article I’ve wrote on this site or better yet on Instagram. His page is hosts some of the most unique AF1’s seen in the world in my opinion. 

Well Mr. Geiger is set to release his own shoe “The Geiger Collection 001”. 

I’ve been wondering for months when he was going to release this shoe and I finally got the answer. The 001 is set to release on February 24th at MRKT DEUX’s Los Angelas location, then worldwide on the 25th. They are retailing for a whopping $595 U.S. doll hairs! 

Not bad for a custom tailored high end sneaker. I think the design is dope for his first shoe, especially with the material he used. The thing I’m stumped about is how he got away with the air bubble. We all know that Nike is the only brand licensed to used the exposed air bubble. So Geiger what gives? Is there something you got worked out with Nike that we don’t know about? Just like the AF1 SF’s or the new Acronym AF1’s releasing today at 6pm. 

Geiger has something going on that we know nothing about. All I can say is that the guy can make some shoes. Don’t believe me watch this video in the link to prove my point.


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