It’s been up in the air weather or not the black/red or Turtle Dove 350 V2’s were going to have a heel tab or not. Then we all got our answer on Monday morning when Adidas release the official pics. 

I personally don’t mind the heel tabs but my friend Steve Mannchyld thinks otherswise. He wants to take his heel tabs off of the new Yeezys, but is scared to ruin the construction of the shoe. Being that there are 26 stitches to hold each heal tab in place. From our research of the V1. The other thing is people are starting to call them the V3 because of the heel design and the new year.

 I think it’s a little bit of a reach personally. The design didn’t change that much to actually change the name of it. That’s like saying the YZY devision of Adidas is like the iPhone. Which in some cases I can see but it’s to soon to call it the V3. How do you feel about the new heel tabs on the V2’s about to drop? Get confirmed and let me know what your thoughts.

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