So Starbucks Coffee is hiring! They are hiring 10,000 refugees across the globe. On Sunday CEO Howard Schultz said the company is committed to the plan. The hiring even includes the US. They said that they are focusing their efforts on individuals that have served with US troops as interpreters and support personnel. A lot of Trump supporters weren’t to happy though. According to twitter with comments like “I don’t want terrorists making my coffee!” Here’s my take on it. Trump is just making it harder for people to get into the country. You do know that Mexico has a wall around the country. To separate them from Guatemala. So what’s wrong with making it harder for people from other countries to get in. Because if we go anywhere over seas it’s harder for us to get in. I just don’t get the big deal about giving people that helped us or just need help and we let them into the country a job. I think this country needs to chillax and get their own mind right. The only way this 4 years is gonna go smooth is if people take care of themselves. I’m just keeping it real! What do you think about Starbucks putting this in motion?

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