Adidas has been stepping up their game with all the new divisions. Like adding Kanye and Pharrell to the team of designers. One division that has never stopped producing fire is Y3 by Yohi Yamamoto. I had time to stop by and talk to my friend/artist Geovonniex at the Miami store.

 Before I tell you about the new S/S line I’ll give you the skinny on Y3. Miami is going to be one of three as I remember correctly locations in which the brand is going to be carried. They are down sizing and that means more exclusive peices will be at the locations that are still open. This also means limited quantities as well. 

Now Y3 has always been pricey for Adidas the average sneaker is $350. But when it comes to Yohi Yamamoto it is well worth every penny. 

The new spring collection is nothing short of it’s known futuristic design, that you may normally be use to. It features a lot of mesh and flexible easy wear this season. My favorite peices from this collection are the dad hats one most of all is one that features a fold away bill for pocket storage. 

I’m also intrigued by the smoked visor on another one that I noticed in the store as well. The new collection is definitely a must grab. Unfortunately me being a bigger guy you won’t be catching me in many of their clothes. Y3 has a fit for the tall and slender built. To me it just wouldn’t look right but I may go back and try on a peice or two and see how it fits.

 I’m always a fan of bright colors and theway they use them mixed with the flat black, has always made me love Y3 I can’t wait to see the F/W collection in person. So go to Lincoln Rd. when your not busy and see my boy Geovonniex at Y3 and tell him Sco sent you! Their is something in that store for everyone.

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