Looking for a sweet treat? Well I have just place for you or if your on a date! Go to the Sugar Factory! These tasty snacks will definitely give you a tooth ache from all the sugar intake so make sure you call your dentist the day after. I’m just kidding! I went the past weekend and it was everything my heart thought it would be. Now take heed to these words I’m about to tell you. WARNING āš ļø THE DRINKS LOCATED IN THE FRONT OF THE MENU WITHOUT PRICES ARE EXPENSIVE AS HELL! Now back to my experience… Like I just said the drink in the front of the menu don’t have prices for a reason the bill after is your surprise. If you’ve eaten anywhere on Ocean Dr. you know this all to well. I ended up ordering a Frozen Hot Chocolate. Yes! I said a Frozen Hot Chocolate! 

It sounds a little strange but once you taste it out the straw you are going to want seconds. I would love to give up their secret to this awkward sounding desert but I’m sure there are laws against it. So sorry for the disappointment, (Yeah Right)

(Everything that I got on mine isn’t listed I asked the waiter to hook it up…)
 but I did get the something else on the menu that I will give the ingredients. The Cookie Jar is a sundae with a scoop let me rephrase that a giant scoop of cookie dough and cookies and cream ice cream, topped with warm fudge, carmel sauce, whipped cream, crushed Oreos, and chocolate chip cookies! 

Now do you see why I said call your dentist… All for 15$ you can have this good sugary tooth ache just like me. Once again I’m joking I don’t have a tooth ache but I do have a craving for another one. Matter a fact I think I might get one today actually lol! 

Try one like I did or look at their menu and try something different it is will not disappoint. They have 40 pages for you to go through!

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