Burgers are the greatest thing in the world especially when you just finished a long day of shopping. One of my new found favorite places to get these delights is Shake Shack not to far from Nike on Lincoln Rd. These 6oz beef pattys will keep you wanting more. 

Now I didn’t get a shake which I should have but I didn’t want to over do it. Especially since I got two bacon cheese burgers. 

Now they are good but they really aren’t worth what they are charging. I don’t care how full you are. 

The worst part about this experience was when Dj Lyve found a hair in his burger. NO ONE PANIC! These things happen in the food industry. In fact there is actually a law stating that food at a restaurant can have a certain amount of insects parts, rat parts, and or hairs in your food before it is actually a problem. So before you go and call the health department and cause a public disturbance remember what I just told you. All Lyve got was a free meal but after that he just settled for a soft drink.

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