Nike Miami

Now weeks ago on Lincoln Rd in South Beach I notice the construction of the new Nike store. 

If your a sneaker head this is equivalent of Apple announcing a new iPhone release. 

Which opens the doors to a new opportunity to get more sneakers. I was shocked at the power of Nike and I should have never underestimated them because they built that store as fast as a new house in Las Vegas. 

Anyway the new store is beautiful! I don’t want to get into that many details of the store because this is a must stop for any one who loves Nike as much as I do. I will say that the store is huge with a mini soccer field and basketball court.

 Rumor has it that most of their employees are resellers but that’s just here say if you ask me. Because when Steve asked about the Royal Foam release one their employees acted like it was a big secret. Then another employee said otherwise. So just come check it out for yourself it’s nuts! 
Here are the rest of the pics from our visit. Enjoy! 



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