KITH  the brand started by Ronnie Fieg has been kickin ass and taking names for the past few years now. Starting with the premium  Asics to its own line of clothing. This past year at fashion week Ronnie released his vision through his show Kithland which showed the brand in all types of climates and era’s, because Ronnie is a big 90s inspired designer. 

One that stood out to me besides the Ice Berg colab was the Miami collection, considering I live in southern Florida. When it first got out that this collection was dropping I was like “Ok cool!”, but then some funny things started happening. Weeks before Basel a KITH Treats pop-up just appeared out of no where for the Captain Crunch collaboration. 

Then Basel weekend KITH opened its doors and the store appeared. So months after all the hype I took upon myself with my co host of “The Black Sheep Radio Show”, Steve Mannchyld to head over to the store and check out both stores. When you first walk in the door the store it invites you with all white and walking down the hallway past the mannequins, dressed in their latest colab’s you run into the hallway of  Jordan 6’s in all white. 

The feel of the store gives off a futuristic yet urban feel. Blending the world of streetwear and high end fashion. 

Now I mentioned earlier KITH Treats a very unique concept of blending 

everyone’s favorite cereal into shakes and ice cream they even have a menu made up of stars favorite combinations.

 Or if your not in the mood for the mid afternoon treat you can get the breakfast cereal with your choice of different milk. Which is perfect for those early morning lines when you are waiting for you newest sneaker.

 Once again Ronnie Fieg is thinking out of the box when it came to this. Because who doesn’t want to eat after waiting for hours? I’m curious to see what else Ronnie and the KITH brand has in store for the future. If your ever in Miami try it for you self or in New York where it all began.

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