This week khloe’s snapchat was lit with videos and pics of what has come and what is yet to come from the yeezy camp. I will say that I’m not a big fan of Adidas Calabasas. 

It’s corny! Ok we get it you guys are huge influences in a lot of things today but now this is taking it to far! I personally don’t want to wear where they live. If anyone else does that’s their prerogative it’s just not my cup of tea. Not to mention it looks cheap and un thought out. I think Kanye really needs longer than a month off to rest his brain. I only run a site and radio show and I’m losing my mind so I can only imagine what Ye is going through. 

Their are a few things regarding the V2’s that I have concerns about but I will save that for another article, that I will title “V2 or Pretend?”

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