FOOD FAIL: La Sandwicherie

Now usually I explain some amazing time out with friends were the food taste great! Sometimes that theory doesn’t happen. I mean it’s food your gonna fuck it up. That’s exactly what happened in this “FOOD FAIL”, I hate going to a place where the food isn’t worth the price. 

Especially for something simple like a sub that you can actually either make  yourself or order it from Jimmy Johns.  So I was hungry didn’t really want fried food tried something different and it was literally the worst decision I’ve ever made. I got a turkey and roast beef sub and it was average. Not to mention it came out to $15 because of the tip is automatically include in certain restaurants on the beach. 

I’m just letting you know if your ever in miami don’t ever go to La Sandwicherie. It’s a complete waist of time and most importantly money!

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