Supreme x Louis Vuitton 


This by far is the most anticipated collection of 2017. The streetwear heavyweight Supreme has linked with Louis Vuitton to create the merge between street and high end fashion. 

Many have tried it and have failed when combining the two genres of fashion together. If I was to compare this colab to anything it would be like the second coming of Jesus. If you don’t live under a rock you know how big Supreme is, and if you been to any Asian town in the city or the beauty supply store you’ve seen a knock off pattern of Louis Vuitton.


So when the official collection released at fashion week in Paris the internet went crazy with images. Personal it bring up the question of what does this mean for the culture? Will street wear ever get back to the price points or edge that once had? Or will streetwear simply transform into high end fashion all together? 

For me I think this colab just changed the way people in the fashion industry view streetwear completely. 

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