Can I Get A New York Pie? 

Wynwood is known for its art but for me and my crew, if your talking pizza Wynwood is where it’s at. On our night exploring we ended up at “Pizza in Fuga”.

 A food truck with a hot stone oven inside it. If you are a pizza lover like I am you know a stone oven pizza is the best way to go.

 What made matters even better was the fact that everyone was from New York. Which brings up the age old debate weather New York has the best pizza or not?

 Now me being from Detroit our pies are a little different than New York, but I have eaten a good old New York pie before and Fuga has the formula down. Personally I believe the reason why everyone’s pizza tastes so from NY’s is because of the water. But at the end of the day a good Za is a good Za! If your ever in Wynwood look for Pizza in Fuga’s truck it’s well worth it. 

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