Nutella Getting The ❌

A recent report a few days ago came out and Nutella is the center of attention. According to Huffinton Post Nutella has an ingredient that causes cancer.

Palm oil one of components found in the chocolate flavored spread, released on May 2016 may contain Carcinogenic and Glycydl fatty acid esters. The problem is that when the Palm Oil is heated at 392 degrees it’s more dangerous. 

But most people don’t even eat the spread hot. Unless it’s a specialty food or desert. So is this a big deal? The makers of Nutella put this statement out on twitter. 

I wouldn’t worry about this just yet. But you can never be to sure now day’s. They have already started pulling Nutella off the shelves in Europe. The big question is why they waited so long to put the word out to the world… Hmmm? Something fishy there! What do you think? 

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