Today LeBron made a special announcement that his first shoe the “NIKE AIR ZOOM GENERATION” will be rereleasing soon or should I say later this month in Cleveland.

 He’s super excited about it because it was his very first shoe. I’m excited because Nike decided to retro his shoes. Question is are they going to continue to retro them. Also my thought on this is that Nike must be trying to get a new team in place or something, because they are losing when it comes to designs in the basketball division. LeBron has not had a good looking shoe in the last 3 years.

 At least not one you can wear off the court without a pair of joggers on. I think they need to get a new design team in there ASAP the shoes just don’t look good. But the only way to inspire someone is to let them take a look at the past and go from there, because there is no future without a past that’s for damn sure. What are your thoughts? Do you think Nike will keep Retroing LeBron’s? Are they making changes? Only time will tell.

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