Taco Bell πŸ”” is Unleashing a Chicken Shell Chalupa 😡

So for the past day or so social media has been buzzing, about the Taco Bell’s new addition to their menu. The Chicken Shell Chalupa! Yes a Chalupa with an entire chicken shell. The first second I saw it I went straight to TB’s website to see if it was on the menu already unfortunately it hasn’t been released yet but soon. The day to pick yours up according to Taco Bell’s twitter feed is on January 26th. 

The idea arose for this design of the Chalupa back in 2013 when they were creating the “Waffle Taco”. 

Crazy right! To my understanding they deep fry the shells in the shape of the Taco unlike other designs where they have to be hung to form the shape using an oven. Looks like TB’s got the formula for success. 

The only thing I’m worried about is how long they will keep it on the menu. Because I was hurt when they took the beef and potato burrito 🌯 off the menu along with the steak flatbreads man those were amazing! I hope it stays forever but know Taco Bell it won’t.

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