If your not familiar with the brand the hundreds today that’s no surprise. The hundreds was a two part company that was a media platform for street culture and a streetwear brand. They had a very distinct logo that is synonymous with the brand a bomb 💣. The brand was started in 2003 by Bobby Hundreds (Bobby Kim) and Ben Hundreds (Ben Shenassafar). The Hundreds was a brand I personally looked up to, to with stand the tole of time but… Unfortunately it is one of those brands that has fallen to the waste side like LRG. Quite frankly I don’t know what happened to them, did they get to big to fast and just die? 

This is just one of the questions that hit me in the head anytime I see their logo. In most cases brands that are streetwear enthused in high volume usually die, when they take a deal or sell out to a major department store or company. But they just fell off the face of the planet. A few weeks ago I saw that they dropped a Death Row collection at Complexcon and I instantly got pissed. It wasn’t the brand that knew anymore. The first thing that came to mind was that they were reaching for a comeback. Last time I checked they should have jumped on this collection almost a year and half ago. Epic fail in my eyes but who am I at the end of the day. 

All I’m trying to say is The Hundreds was a great brand but it needs a revival bad! Same thing goes for Crooks and Castles as well! It’s time for these brands to go back to the basics and do what made them hot in the first place. Unless they can come up with something fresher like 10 Deep did a couple years back. They switched up at the right time and now they are back on the radar. Now I don’t live on the west coast and people may be going ham over these brands still. But on the east coast I haven’t heard a person mention them for years. Quite frankly if anyone is to blame for this it’s Greg Selkoe’s fault. I get it he created a site for everyone to get all their favorite brands in one place. Karmaloop was the center of the universe. Facts! But he may have bit off more than he could chew taking on to many brands which was his downfall amongst other things. You have to raise an eyebrow if one week the flagship store is open and the next week it’s closed because of a fire or a robbery. Or if smaller brands haven’t gotten checks on time…🤔 I’m not a private though. Now I can keep bringing up factors as to what I think happened, but that would go on for hours. At the end of the day The Hundreds need to fix the clothing lines and stop shooting any shots. I know it’s a two part brand but at the end of the day if one side suffers the other side suffers. Can’t stand on one leg for to long just saying.

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