Sneaker of the Year

2016 was full of surprise and up and downs. One of them was the SNEAKER OF  THE YEAR AWARD! I’m not hating by no means and numbers don’t lie, but I refuse to believe that the Puma Creeper sold more than Adidas NMD’s. If anything these should be the shoe of the year. But as I think about it… I actually can see it being true. At first I thought it was because it cost less but that’s not true at all because you can actually get a pair of NMD’s for cheaper. Plus there are way more models of the shoe. So that actually may be the reason why the shoe isn’t on top as well.

 The Creeper is only one shoe design their is a similar version out but it’s not apart of the Fenty brand. Which brings me to the number one reason the shoe is the sneaker of the year. Rihanna! The whole Fenty brand it self moves a lot of product, and let’s face it all the little girls who love her want to be just like her. So what are they doing? Saying “Daddy Daddy can I have a pair of Fenty Creeper’s?” Now I could be wrong cuz this is all off the top of my head. 

But Rihanna fans are nuts about her and they will support fully. Actually raises an eyebrow and makes you think maybe that’s why a lot of the shoes male’s come out with don’t do numbers like this, unless your Justin Bieber. Lol! Well if anything adidas should be the shoe company of the year because they are everywhere. But killers do move in silence congrats to Rihanna and Puma on the win!

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