Sager Strong

We lost a lot of good people last year one of them was the NBA’s favorite announcer Craig Sager. Before his death nike did a AF1 to honor him. 

Now I love the design because I love my forces, but looks like Nike likes to “barrow” ideas a lot.

 Take a looks at the Sager Jordan 1’s by Dee-Nyce aka @fbccbayarea on Instagram.

 Look like another similar nike shoe? Word has it that these were made first. But what do I know 

🐸☕️ pinky’s out! Lol! The Motto is, “Good artist copy; Great artist steal.” According to Dee the Sager 1’s tell a story. He used the left shoe was to represent the suit Sager wore at the ESPY awards. He also took used cheetah print on the toe box because of the day he wore the cheetah KD’s. Sounds like he put a lot of thought into these. Check out more of his designs on Instagram.

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