MC Donald’s is Delivering and Making Two Driffernt Sizes of Big Mac’s Whaaaaaaa 😦

So a few weeks a go I had got informed that Mckie D’s is making some changes. Word on the street is that Mc Donald’s is going to start delivering. Now for the drunk souls that can’t make it to the nearest Ronald Mc Donald they can order it and it comes to them. Now I try and stay as healthy as much as I can but I must say, a sausage Mc Muffin at 4:45 in the morning is refreshing. Especially after a night of partying in Miami! Testing is suppose to start in Southern Florida using 200 stores as guinea pigs this month, and one of the cities is Miami. God has answered our prayers. Only problem with this is the obisety rate will go up. We’re going to end up looking like the people off the Disney’s “WALL-E”, but whatever makes you happy. Better get those UberEATS accounts ready! 

Another development that is taking place is the now there will be three different size, “Big Mac’s” on the menu.  The Mac JR., Big Mac, and Grand Mac. So now the The Big Mac has a big brother with twice the beef and bun! I have got to try this monsterous Mac! They started testing on this before the new year so I guess we soon will find out if bigger is better. 

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