Shoe Gallery We Deliver

Two weeks ago I ended up at Sneaker Gallery’s pop up shop for the new way to drop off sneakers. Shoe gallery teamed up with Adidas Consortium to create the climacool 1 in what they call the “Flight 305” colorway. The shoes start off in solid black but when the light hits them the whole shoe reflects in a cool multi colored reptile effect.

That’s cool but the idea of the shoes actually getting delivered to you by drone that’s even cooler until reality sets in. Now I’m all for technology especially in the world of sneakers, and if we didn’t live in the world we lived in today I would be excited as hell. But unfortunately we live a doggy dog world where everyone is out to get you.



Meaning that Drone would be shot down out of the sky so quick just to intercept your kicks it’s not even funny. Luckly this is just a glimpse of what the future could be.

All I got to say is that thing better come with army guns on it making deliveries. I can hear it now “(voicemail) Hey Mr. Storr this is Shoe Gallery. We are sorry to inform you that your shoes got shot down over little Havanna. We are trying to recover them now!” Talk about pissed.

The event was cool though I enjoyed myself along with my friends and co hosts Steve Mannchyld and Dj Lyve. They even offered chips and dip from the one and only Coyo Taco overall it was a good night. Check out Shoe Gallery on Instagram and see what they have coming out next.

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