Old vs New

See back in the day (Meaning the 90s) basketball sneakers could be worn with almost anything. You could dress them up or down whatever. Now the shoes are leaning more towards the actual purpose of the shoe like what they are made for. Now everything is in a constant running look. It seams like you can’t buy a pair of new age shoes without them looking like your going to take a morning jog. Unless you they are they retro’d… So the question is old cool and new uncool, or has style moved away from new age basketball stars supplying the style on our foot? 
My guess is yes primarily because of the expectance of Kanye to Adidas. Let’s take a look back when Kanye was with Nike he made the first shoe from a non athlete that is respected on the same level as an athlete. During that time LeBron was the king of Nike’s athletic division also following him was Kobe and KD. Remember every Christmas right after dinner kids would line up for the new Christmas shoe, or Easter, even the All Star game wasn’t safe. Then suddenly things took a turn when Ye couldn’t get what he wanted. Then the reebok boom started with Rick Ross and Swizz Beatz. Now retro sneakers where bigger than the faces that blessed the court and the decline started. In my eyes the celebrity was growing more influential in sneakers than the athlete. So what is the best way to sell sneakers if the new isn’t selling like they are suppose to? Revert back to the classics that sold in the first place. 
Retro’s are the way to go but how long can you stand on the classics? Who knows because at the rate that Adidas Is going with the Yeezy division ain’t no telling where this running stage will end. When I say the yeezy decision that includes the tech that was blessed in past couple years. Does the Boost ring a bell? The run style is everything. Sure Nike started to implement it with the tech fit and joggers, and the flyknit technology which is hot, but now everything out is a runner. So you gotta ask someone is comfort more important then style, or are the new sneaker architects losing their touch?

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