In the movie Paid In Full a character by the name Mitch was the hottest dope dealer on the block. Everybody loved him and he all the toys and fly gear and the girls. He was famous in Harlem! Everybody wanted to be like him. But what if he applied his fame to get out of the dope fame and become a young mogul. Own a few businesses things of that nature. Sure he had the nice things but nothing of real substance other than fame.
In today’s world the dope game has changed and a lot of people don’t know how to keep up. Since fame with no benefits is the new hotness. It seems like just about anybody can be famous now days with the click of a button. But why be famous with nothing in return? It’s evident that the age of social media changed everything today. As more and more people who were once nobody turn into somebody’s overnight. Fame is nice but using it to get things you want in life is better and if you use these new tools to your advantage and create your own wave people will follow. Of course you will get cheap imitations, remember when they made Ford then came Chrysler. (Listen to me talking shit and I drive a Dodge) Use the tools that are put in front of you to advance yourself but do it in your way. Two people that come to mind when I think of this topic is Yes Julz and 40 Van. They took social networking and built bigger platforms. Cause to be honest what is internet fame if you can’t do anything with it other than get likes. 

40 Van was known for his provocative tumblr page. At least that’s how I was introduced to him. My brother hit me with the, “Have you seen the girls on this site? They are next level!” So I had to check it out and let’s just say he’s mad a lot of girls famous off his page. 

The thing I found funny was when he started to really blow up and in an interview about him he said “I’m just a guy who runs a Porn site…” The shit had me dying! From his page blowing up he ended up selling snap backs off that same site! Right before the over saturation, and he would sell out in seconds on hats that costed 40 bucks for a pack of twelve. (That’s ironic his name is 40 and it costed 40 bucks for that hats. I guess it was meant to be lol!) Of course thats just for the caps without the embroidery fees but he lived in NY so he prolly got that done for the dirt. His fame off of that was getting out of control. I remember interning at Burn Rubber (Detroit known Sneaker shop) at the time and we would talk about how Revive (Hypebeast store in Birmingham) just got their own colab with him on his hats. 

Then Corey Shapiro and his company Vintage Frames had a colab and to me that’s the point where the craze for snapbacks was getting nuts. Reason being after everyone saw all these collabs from this no named Kat with hats everybody had a colab with a hat. (This is just in my opinion I’ll except me being wrong.) Now fast forward to present day you got the 40oz Bounce from state to state. 

One of the biggest parties from city to city within the culture. He’s got artist he’s got sponsors, he’s got artist, I said that twice you name it he’s got it and most importantly he’s getting paid for it. There have a whole bunch of things he’s been involved as well, and I’m sure he’s got other tricks up his sleeve but all I know he’s an influential component to today’s youth. Which start with a social blog site.
The Queen of Snapchat took a 15 second video posting app and made it into a reality tv show. Their are a million different rumors of how she blew up so quick but here’s my theory. When I first started hearing about Julz she was always in the place you needed to be, she was always around the right people, she lives in miami, and she has mad sex appeal. Not trying to offend but that’s a fact! She’s attractive and confident in what she does, and that’s sexier than one of these strippers shaking ass for 15 seconds for 40 post. She turned an app to a platform to promote one of the hottest pool parties on the beach. 

Which was always after a day of giving back with hashtag lunch bag and it was always Lit! 

Next thing I knew she was hosting all over and Travis Scott was on the bill. From then she’s at this gala, that gala, I see her at Agenda, and she got her own booth. She ends up on the second hottest show on Starz produced by LeBron to her being sponsored by Puma. Now she’s got 070 Shake and 1AM radio. 

But the thing that stood out the most last year was Complexcon. The first ever convention for the people for the culture and her face was a staple in the event. Shits crazy! I know a lot of people who are like Fuck YesJulz! But I’m like bro you gotta respect the hustle. You don’t have to like her but you gotta respect the grind because if you think about it when the fuck is she never not working? She used a internet and social media fame to do the things she wanted to do instead of settling for likes, and that’s the key to all this. Her fam got a new crib off this and that’s something that you can’t knock and you have to respect. 

So where is all this going…? At the end of the day people need stop trying to be famous to be famous and focus on accomplishing their dreams with the tools they have in front of them. The one thing that separated these two people from everyone else is that everyone is trying to do what they did to get on instead of finding their own path. Maybe you thought of doing the same thing they were doing maybe you wanted to have the same platform as them. That doesn’t mean you have to do it exactly like them or worse to get like them. Today everyone copies so much and it’s killing the vibes of the culture. Look at what’s hot in fashion. You got two different companies printing the same exact same shirt and one cost an arm and a leg and the other is 250$’s less and it still is over priced. Be yourself find your own path and make money to change you and your families live. Use fame don’t let it use you because one day that shit’s gonna be gone and then what? Your the old guy at Applebee’s on Friday night telling story’s about how you use to be famous. In the words of one of my favorite rappers Pusha T
“You niggas wanna be more famous than rich.”

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