Nashville is known for country music and BBQ but one thing you don’t hear a lot about are their sandwiches. I know because I made one called the Voodoo Melt and it’s home is Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar, but this isn’t about me this about the extreme monster above. Now one of my favorite bars to eat in Nashville is Piranhas for the Titan a steak sandwich with all the bells and whistles and also their doughnut burger. In my absence from the city seems like another mouthful has been added to the menu. Meet the 10 Pound Cheese Steak! 

Now word on the street is that if you can eat this $75 stack of meat, cheese, fries, onions, and bread in an hour its on the house are you game for the challenge? Of course to take down a beast of this size you are def gonna need a strategy. I say eat the bulk of the sandwich and save the bread for last. Of course at the end you will either throw up or die but to accomplish this before death isn’t a bad way to go. I know the next time I head to Nashville I have a mission. Seek and Destroy!

📷: Chandler Bay

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