As we wait on Bryson’s new album he took a little time and desicided to, Bespoke his own pair of AF1’s in New York. He says his home inspired sneakers are based off the uniforms he use to wear in Kentucky. Not a bad idea can’t ever let go of your roots. Especially while rocking the stage to a sold out crowd. This isn’t an official release but who knows where this will lead.

It’s funny to me how all these leaders of the new school keep bringing out the Air Force One. It’s safe to say that they might be the hot trend going into 2017. I mean think about it they can be dressed up and dressed down all depending on the materials used on them. So we might be seeing a rebirth of this classic shoe. Personally I never stopped loving them and never will. Only time will tell what truly happens though. Here are more pics of Tillers Air Force Ones and his design process.

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