Ok this has been bothering me for sometime. After reading this book by Russell Simmons about the art of meditation I have to get this off my chest. People who convert to vegan because of how animals are killed is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. At the end of the day before that mothafucka gets put on your plate it has to die. Russell believes “Eating meat actually represents unconscious behavior. We all know eating meat is wrong bad for what it does for our bodies and terrible for the suffering it creates for the animals that are killed on our behalf.” Suffering that a funny word cause the meaning of suffering is the state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship.

Don’t you undergo pain when you get stabbed by an arrow, do you feel distress when you got shot with a gun? I’m just wondering cause there is no way to kill something and they don’t feel those things. Unless you pray to god that it doesn’t suffer before it dies. But even then you gotta worry if the animal was atheist or not. People just don’t like to see the how they died they think because a bullet hit them quick they didn’t suffer. So if the video showed a dead cow coming into the factory and just getting chopped it would be more excepting. But had anybody tried moving a dead animal before or anything dead for that matter? Plants don’t talk and move so it’s more expectable to say I’m vegan cause it’s not crying before it got on my plate. So plants aren’t living and breathing they don’t feel? It’s the same thing because if that plant was moving like Jumanji and could scream when it got hurt, people would sing another tune. Killing is killing just like winning is winning it doesn’t matter how you finish as long as it gets done. I’m not anti-vegan life if you do it for health reasons I can accept that, but to hear someone I stopped eating meat because the animals suffer so much… I can’t get jiggly with. Some of the things they do are a little extreme and I don’t agree with how it is done but I understand it. Still doesn’t make it right either but I’m not stopping my meat eating, you can bet your bottom dollar on that.


  1. You’re forgetting the lifetime of torture they’re subjected to before their death… that’s generally the suffering we’re objecting to most. And like humans, animals can die a peaceful, natural death without suffering–what makes you think they need to be killed either way?


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